‘WW Car of the Year’: the new Amarok is the best all-wheel drive vehicle and the best pick-up

‘WW Car of the Year’: the new Amarok is the best all-wheel drive vehicle and the best pick-up

  • ‘4x4 & Pick-up’ award from the ‘Women’s Worldwide Car of the Year’ jury goes to Amarok from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
  • A 75-member jury of female automotive journalists from all over the world is impressed by the new Amarok
  • One of five category winners from which the ‘Best Car’ can be chosen in March

The year has got off to a good start: the new Amarok also impressed the international jury of 75 female automotive journalists from all over the world. They selected from a total of 62 new models and chose the winners in five categories, including the Amarok from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as the best ‘4x4 & Pickup’. In March 2024, the Amarok also has the opportunity to be awarded the title of ‘World’s Best Car’.

After the ‘Triple’ at the ‘International Pick-up Award’ from the jury of transport journalists in November, the new Amarok now also convinced the 75-member ‘Women’s Worldwide Car of the Year’ jury of its merits. The female jury members from 52 countries on five continents voted the Amarok – the premium pick-up from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – the best ‘4x4 & Pick-up’ vehicle in the world.

Each year, the female automotive journalists select their favourites from new models that have recently celebrated their premiere on at least two continents – this time there were 62 to choose from. The year 2024 also represents the 14th time in succession that they have done so since 2011. The jury’s decisions focus on safety, driving technology and comfort of the vehicle, efficiency, sustainability and value for money. Marta García, President of the 'Women’ s Worldwide Car of the Year' jury, explains the reasons for the award: “This new generation of the Volkswagen Amarok presents a radical change. It gains habitability, off-road capabilities, load capacity. It includes five engines that adapt to the needs of each market. It also improved interior quality and equipment.”

“We are delighted to receive the 'Women’s Worldwide Car of the Year' award for the best ‘4x4 & Pick-up’ vehicle in the world. Our Amarok is a pick-up that delivers reliable performance both on and off the road, and it makes us very proud that we have the right offer for our customers,” says Lars Krause, member of the Brand Board of Management at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles responsible for Sales, Marketing and After Sales.

Depending on equipment, more than 25 assist systems, displays with up to 12.3-inch screens, a practical mix of digital and analogue controls, and high-quality materials ensure a premium-class feeling on board the new Amarok. Thanks to a payload of up to 1.19 tonnes, a maximum trailer weight of up to 3.5 tonnes and an improved cargo box design, the new Amarok masters every conceivable work and leisure time task.

The new Amarok is offered in 2 model series: Style and Aventura (exclusive styling). In Europe, the new Amarok is designed as a four-door pick-up with double cab. At 5,350 mm, the new Amarok is just under 10 centimetres longer than its predecessor. A wheelbase of 3,270 mm represents an increase of 173 mm. This provides even more room in the double cab.

Three 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines with up to 154 kW power are available worldwide, as is a 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engine with up to 184 kW (dependent on market) or a 2.3-litre TSI petrol engine with 222 kW*. Depending on the model series, the new Amarok is available with either a six-speed manual gearbox or a tenspeed automatic gearbox. The TSI, TDI inline and V engines deliver between 350 and 600 newton metres of torque. All models come with rear-wheel drive or as 4MOTION all-wheel drive, either as an engageable (2H, 4H, 4L) or as an extended engageable all-wheel drive (4A, 2H, 4H, 4L).

The new Amarok is being launched in Belgium at a net price of 49,045.00 euros (59,344.45 euros incl. VAT) in the Style version.

*In Belgium the 2.0TDI 151kW/205HP and the 3.0TDI 177kW/240HP are available.


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