The new ID.5 achieves highest score in the Euro NCAP driver assistance test

The new ID.5 achieves highest score in the Euro NCAP driver assistance test


  • Euro NCAP experts award Volkswagen the highest score “very good” for its latest assistance technologies in the ID.5
  • With cutting edge driver assistance systems and the use of swarm data, Volkswagen takes the next step towards automated driving
  • "Travel Assist with swarm data*" is now optionally available in Europe in all newly produced ID.models equipped with ID.Software 3.0


The latest ID.5 assistance technologies were rated "very good" and reached 4 out of 4 possible points - the highest possible score - in the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme). The testers were impressed by the innovative systems of the all-electric ID.5 highlighting maximum comfort and an excellent level of assistance. With the "Driver Assistance Test", Euro NCAP has expanded its test scheme beyond the classic crash test and introduced a structured evaluation and classification system in the area of comfort and assistance systems. Aiming to give consumers a realistic insight into the performance of state of the art assistance systems.

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The additional test procedures in the area of vehicle assistance include a couple of critical motorway driving scenarios, such as typical cut-in and cut-out scenarios maneuvers, testing the systems efficiency in supporting the driver to avoid accidents. The "Assistance Competence"-test, assesses driver engagement, meaning how driver and system work together and how the system ensures that the driver remains engaged in the driving task. The "Safety Backup"- test evaluates the vehicle’s performance in avoiding collisions and mitigating the potentially incurred consequences of an accident. In its assessment, Euro NCAP emphasizes: “The VW ID.5 provides very good Vehicle Assistance with a similar level of Driver Engagement. Combined with excellent safety back-up, the system, overall, offers Very Good highway assistance.”

In the ID.5, Volkswagen uses innovative, fully connected assistance systems, the optional “Travel Assist with swarm data” being the best example. Within the limits of the system, it can actively keep the vehicle in lane and maintain both the distance to the vehicle in front and the maximum speed set by the driver. Among other things, the system uses the Adaptive Lane Guidance function which actively keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane. However, "Travel Assist with swarm data" is able to adapt to the driving style and can also keep the vehicle on the right-or left-hand side of the lane.


On the motorway, the "Travel Assist with swarm data" can optionally provide active support when changing lanes at speeds of 90 km/h and faster. If activated, the lane change can be started and executed by tapping the indicator stalk. Provided that the sensors detect no vehicle in the car’s surroundings and that the capacitive steering wheel recognizes the driver’s hands the vehicle then automatically initiates the overtaking maneuver and changes lanes. The driver can intervene and take over the control of the car at any time.

The assistant also is equipped with predictive speed control and cornering assistance. The vehicle speed can be adjusted to the applicable speed limits and the course of the road (curves, roundabouts, etc.). Given that anonymised swarm data from other Volkswagen is available, the new "Travel Assist with swarm data" can also provide support on roads with only one lane marking, - for example on country roads without a centre lane marking.

The "Travel Assist with swarm data" is now optionally available in Europe in all newly produced ID.models equipped with ID.Software 3.0. With this, Volkswagen is living up to its claim of making high-quality technology available in all vehicle classes.

Overall, numerous driver assistance functions were tested by Euro NCAP: These include standard features such as the emergency brake assistant "Front Assist" and the lane keep assist systems "Lane Assist". In addition, the optional comfort assistants such as Predictive ACC, Side Assist and Emergency Assist were assessed by the safety experts.


Furthermore, Euro NCAP emphasizes the clear and intuitive displays, referring in particular to the augmented reality head-up display"[...]showing the system status in the driver’s direct line of sight ". In this way, customers can see at any time which systems are active or which system is currently supporting them.

Even back in March, the ID.5 was awarded the top rating of five possible stars in the renowned Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) safety test. The examiners rated the all-electric SUV coupé as excellent in all four test criteria - in the protection of adult passengers, children and vulnerable road users, as well as in terms of standard assistance systems.

Since 1997, the European New Car Assessment Program has served as a strict benchmark for the safety level of new cars. It provides automobile customers with up-to-date information on the safety of popular new models. In recent years, the test procedures and the requirements have been tightened and expanded. More details here:

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*The driving assistance function can only be used within the limits of the system. The driver must be prepared to override the assistance system at any time, and is not absolved of their responsibility to drive the vehicle carefully. The system can be deactivated at any time. The system can be used up to the vehicle’s maximum speed. Only in conjunction with a navigation system. Only in conjunction with an active We Connect licence. The online components of the “Travel Assist with Swarm Data” can only be used where there is mobile phone network coverage and with the necessary privacy settings. The online component can be deactivated at any time in the We Connect ID. App at any time. The online component of “Travel Assist” is available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. To activate the online functions, you need a Volkswagen ID user account and must log in to We Connect with a user name and password. Furthermore, a separate We Connect contract must be entered into online with Volkswagen AG. After delivery of the vehicle, you have 90 days to activate the online function of Travel Assist with Swarm Data. At the end of this period, the initial period of use of the online component of “Travel Assist with Swarm Data” of 3 years starts (free of charge). Use of the online component of “Travel Assist with Swarm Data” is enabled via an integrated Internet connection. The associated data costs incurred within Europe are covered by Volkswagen AG within the limits of the network coverage. Additional costs (e.g. roaming charges) may be incurred as a result of data exchange via the Internet, depending on your particular mobile phone tariff and in particular when using the system abroad. In order to provide the service, it is necessary to transmit certain personal data such as the location and IP address of the vehicle. For more information on data processing, see the privacy policy “Travel Assist with Swarm Data”. The availability of the specific services described in the packages may vary depending on your country. The services are available for the agreed contract period and may be subject to change of content or discontinued during the contract period. Further information is available at and from your Volkswagen dealer. For information on mobile phone rate conditions, please contact your mobile phone provider.


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