ID. Buzz now also available with long wheelbase, more range and as top model GTX with all-wheel drive

ID. Buzz now also available with long wheelbase, more range and as top model GTX with all-wheel drive

  • New ID. Buzz Pro2 with long wheelbase: the big ID. Buzz impresses with a large 86 kWh battery, space for seven people and a range of up to 487 km
  • ID. Buzz Pro with new high-efficiency drive: all versions of the ID. Buzz Pro are powered by a new electric drive motor with an impressive output of 210 kW (286 PS)
  • New ID. Buzz GTX3/4 with 250 kW (340 PS): the most powerful Bulli of all time with all-wheel drive, two battery sizes and two wheelbases
  • GTX towing capacity: with a maximum trailer weight of up to 1,800 kg and all-wheel drive, the ID. Buzz GTX is ideal as an electric towing vehicle for camper, boat and horse trailers

Hannover, 5 July 2024 – The ID. Buzz is a globally unique electric vehicle – a design icon and all-round talent at the same time. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is now expanding and updating the model range of the electric Bulli. New in the range: the ID. Buzz Pro2 with long wheelbase, new 86 kW battery1 and a new high-efficiency drive motor offering a powerful 210 kW (286 PS). The ID. Buzz Pro with long wheelbase impresses with strong efficiency and a huge interior for up to seven people, bikes and boards. More power than ever before also characterises the new flagship model of the series, the ID. Buzz GTX3/4 with 250 kW (340 PS). This model features unparalleled performance, all-wheel drive as standard and high towing capacities. The ID. Buzz GTX is configurable with normal or long wheelbase. With normal wheelbase, the ID. Buzz GTX is powered by a new 79 kWh battery; the version with long wheelbase is automatically equipped with the larger 86 kWh battery.

More range, shorter DC charging times: Thanks to its standard 86 kWh battery, the maximum WLTP range of the new ID. Buzz Pro with long wheelbase is between 453 and 487 km, depending on equipment (ID. Buzz Pro with normal wheelbase and 79 kWh battery: 423 to 461 km). The corresponding WLTP ranges for the ​ ID. Buzz GTX are not yet available, as the type approval has not yet been completed. All 79 kWh versions of the ID. Buzz can “refuel” at DC quick-charging stations with a charging capacity of up to 185 kW6 (previously 170 kW); in the case of the 86 kWh versions, even 200 kW7 is possible. The 79 kWh battery charges from 10 to 80 per cent in less than 30 minutes at maximum charging capacity; the corresponding value for the 86 kW batteries is also less than 30 minutes due to its higher charging capacity.

Electric spaceships. The new ID. Buzz versions with long wheelbase (LWB: 3,239 mm) have an overall length of 4,962 mm. Compared with the versions with normal wheelbase (NWB: 2,989 mm), this corresponds to an increase of 250 mm. The additional length creates space for up to seven seats7 (two in the front, three in the 2nd seat row, two in the 3rd seat row (2/3/2)), even more luggage space and the new and larger 86 kWh battery. With five people on board, the maximum luggage compartment capacity is 1,340 litres (loaded to the upper edge of the rear seat backrests); even with seven people, the luggage compartment capacity is still 306 litres. If the backrests of all five seats in the second and third rows are folded down, the luggage compartment volume increases to an impressive 2,469 litres. And the ID. Buzz with a normal wheelbase, too, can now be configured as a 6-seater (2/2/2); up until now it was only available as a five-seater (2/3).

Optimised software and hardware. All new ID. Buzz models have received a major hardware and software update. New on board is a completely new generation of Infotainment systems (as standard) with intuitive menu navigation and very fast computing power. The system’s touchscreen is now 12.9 inches in size instead of 12.0 inches (33 cm diagonal instead of 30 cm). Also new are the illuminated touch bar for temperature and volume control. The new IDA voice assistant7 is operated with natural voice commands. It not only allows control of numerous vehicle functions, but also provides answers to general knowledge questions using the online connection to databases such as Wikipedia. The innovative IDA voice assistant additionally features ChatGPT integration (AI/artificial intelligence). Another new feature is the Wellness app7 that uses preconfigured programmes to adjust various vehicle functions with the aim of improving well-being while driving or charging. Additionally, the ID. Buzz can now be ordered with a head-up display.7 There are also new assist systems, including Park Assist Pro7 with a function for remote parking via smartphone. The exit warning system is another new addition and warns7/8 about motorised vehicles and bicycles approaching from the rear when a door is opened.

Impressive standard equipment: Among other things, all ID. Buzz Pro models are equipped with two sliding doors, LED headlights and LED tail light clusters, front camera for driver assist systems, multifunction steering wheel, Lane Assist lane keeping system, Front Assist autonomous emergency braking system, V2X (utilises swarm data to provide warnings about hazards in the immediate vicinity), cruise control, Dynamic Road Sign Display, Park Distance Control, Infotainment system (Ready 2 Discover), App-Connect (incl. App-Connect Wireless) for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, mobile telephone interface, automatic air conditioner and Keyless Start.

Individualised GTX equipment. The new ID. Buzz GTX differs from the ID. Buzz Pro models both visually and in terms of equipment. The unique GTX front end treatment is particularly striking. All dark body elements are finished in high-gloss black. In addition, the Solna 20-inch alloy wheel is standard equipment for the ID. Buzz GTX. Also fitted as standard: sports running gear and IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights. A new paint finish in the colour Cherry red is offered exclusively for the ID. Buzz GTX. The GTX interior equipment has also been customised. For example, the GTX versions are the only models in the series to have a black headliner, while the seats have a GTX-specific design with red topstitching and the multifunction steering wheel has been given a GTX logo.

The new ID. Buzz Pro versions are available to order this summer; the ID. Buzz GTX models after summer.

  1. Net energy content
  2. ID. Buzz Pro (LWB): Combined power consumption 21.0–19.5 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 0 g/km; CO2 class: A
  3. ID. Buzz GTX (NWB): Status: pre-production series. The vehicle is not yet available for purchase; combined CO2 emissions 0 g/km; CO2 class: A
  4. ID. Buzz GTX (LWB): Status: pre-production series. The vehicle is not yet available for purchase; combined CO2 emissions 0 g/km; CO2 class: A
  5. ID. Buzz Pro (NWB): Combined power consumption 20.7–18.9 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 0 g/km; CO2 class: A
  6. Maximum possible charging capacity. The charging behaviour of different charging stations can differ, even if their kW capacity is the same. In addition to a charging station’s kW output, the maximum charge current also influences the amount of energy that flows. Furthermore, the ambient temperature, battery temperature and charge level affect the maximum possible charging capacity. The specified maximum charging capacity is calculated under WLTP conditions at a temperature of approx. 23°C and a charge level from five per cent. If these variables change, the charging capacity may deviate from the specified standard value
  7. Optional equipment
  8. Within the system limits, the driver must always be ready to override the assist system and is not released from the responsibility of driving the vehicle with due care and attention

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